Creepy Franklin Castle


The history of Franklin Castle is as frightening as it’s creepy exterior.



Built in 1864 and owned by Hannes Tiedemann, the house located in Cleveland, was allegedly the site of many gruesome murders. This home is equipped with a stone tower and turrets, gargoyles and wrought-iron fencing making it look like a haunted mansion. The sounds of babies crying, doors slamming and footsteps are just a few things to seal the deal.

In January of 1881, Tiedemann’s fifteen-year-old daughter died. She lost her battle to diabetes. The house saw a second death when Tiedemann’s mother died. Within the next three years the Tiedemanns would lose three more children. This brought much attention as there was speculation when it came to all the deaths.

Tiedemann began major construction on the home to distract his wife. she had not been dealing well to the deaths. He added a ballroom which runs the length of the house on the fouth floor of the house. There were supposed hidden rooms and passageways that were used for bootlegging during Prohibition.

Tiedemann wife died from a liver disease on March 24, 1895. She was fifty-seven. Hannes sold the house to the Mullhauser family. By 1908 he and the entire Tiedemann family were dead, leaving no one to inherit any of his wealth.


Rumors of crimes committed in the house by Tiedemann, which included sexual indiscretions and murder, are just a few things that give Franklin Castle the reputation as a haunted house.

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The Haunted Whaley House


In 1857, an entrepreneurial Thomas Whaley took advantage of the “priced to sell” property in the San Diego’s neighborhood that once held the area’s hangings.

the haunted whaley house


He tore down the gallows and began to build his Greek Revival brick home. However, soon after Whaley and his family moved in, they reported hearing footsteps moving around their home.

Hangings where not the only deaths that happened on the property. Four members of the Whaley family died in the house. The ghost of Anna Whaley has been reported by visitors in the garden and in the rooms located downstairs. Some visitors claimed to have seen an apparition of a woman in the courtroom, but the description of her did not fit any of the Whaleys.

In the 1960s, psychic, Sybil Leek, spoke of a presence of a young girl. She was believed to be the great grand-daughter of Thomas and Anna Whaley. The young child, Marion, accidentally ingested ant poison while playing in the dining room, and died on the ride to her family home in Oceanside. She was just a few days shy of 3 years old. Her hauntings are usually experienced in the dining area and she is drawn to women and girls, who have reported feeling a, what they described as, tugging on their clothing or grabbing of their hands or legs.

Not only is the Whaley House said to be haunted by the family, it is also a home for their dog. A spirit of a dog was captured; the apparition of the dog was caught running into the dining room in the house. The Whaley family owned a terrier named Dolly Varden. The dog died of natural causes and is said to lick people’s toes or legs and is mostly seen by young children.


On the last weekend of every month, The haunted Whaley House Museum offers a paranormal investigation tour co-hosted by The San Diego Ghost Hunters. San Diego’s premier paranormal investigation team, who specialize in assisting historical landmark owners in discovering or confirming paranormal activity at their locations.

LaLaurie House

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Gardette-LePrete House
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Motivate Yourself to Success


Since childhood, most people would rely on family, friends, or someone else’s motivation for them to get encouraged in doing or accomplishing things.

Motivate yourself


But as a person ages, this responsibility should slowly shift towards the individual him or herself. Motivating yourself should also be a continuous task because of the following benefits that it can provide:

-          It is the key to your success. All individuals have their own life aspirations and dreams. Working hard to achieve them might be a tough and frustrating process or challenge especially if results don’t necessarily go as planned. Encouraging yourself will give you that drive to continue amidst all challenges, obstacles, and initial life failures. A constantly motivated person will always find ways and alternate routes towards his or her life goals, objectives, and eventual success.

-          It improves your personality. Another benefit of implementing the various motivation techniques is the opportunity for you and your personality to mature and grow. If you are motivated, life problems whether minor or major will hardly shake and affect your decision making skills, personality, and that positive life attitude.

-          A more relaxed and positive outlook. Motivating yourself provides the opportunity for you to have a much relax and positive outlook in life. Motivation teaches you how to become positive, calm, and be happier even with smaller achievements.

Effective Motivation Techniques

The following are some of the techniques which you can use to effectively motivate yourself thereby creating higher chances to achieve your goals and dreams.

-          Plot and visualize your goals. Perhaps, the most important technique is the visualization of the goals itself. In the first place, these desires are the primary reasons why people strive and work hard. Certainly, you might already have daydreamed and imagined that feeling of finally fulfilling those goals and enjoying your success. That wonderful feeling should serve as a motivation to move forward and continue working hard.

-          Keeping track of progress. Another important technique in motivating yourself is to keep track of your progress even if the results are minimal. If you fail to identify the progress and smaller accomplishments which you have attained, success would seem far, distant, or even impossible to achieve. This eventually results to feelings of frustrations and hopelessness. Knowing that you have accomplished things and is maintaining progress would be a great form of motivation.

-          Reward yourself for each progress. Most of the time, identifying progress may not seem enough in trying to keep that positive pace. Hence, reward is part of the motivation techniques. Reward system is used in almost all fields and areas particularly of companies and employers wanting to improve the productivity of their workers. Each monitored progress should be rewarded either with small treats or perhaps, a taste of what you could experience if you eventually become successful. Some examples include having a dinner in a cozy restaurant, a trip or vacation, etc.

-          Seek inspiration. Another effective technique in motivating yourself is to find inspiration. When it comes to motivation, inspiration may be in the form of your family, your friends, that special someone, your career idols, including the music you listen to or the movies that you watch. You need to be motivated and become successful because you wanted to make you and your family’s lifestyle better, to be in the same shoes where your career idols are, or experience the life and luxury which otherwise can only be experienced in a movie.


motivation techniques

Aside from the motivation techniques mentioned above, there are still several methods and ways of motivating yourself. The choice usually depends on those that are most effective to you most.

Self Help

Motivating people Begins with Motivating Yourself

Why make life Changing Decisions



The haunted historic LaLaurie House, like many haunted homes, has a pretty gruesome tale.

gruesome scenes

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It was owned by socialite Madame Delphine LaLaurie and her husband, Dr. Louis LaLaurie. The house was the alleged setting for vicious attacks against the couple’s slaves. The slaves were subjected to medical experiments that went on undetected until the home caught fire. it was then neighbors and the New Orleans community discovered the gruesome scenes.

More than a dozen slaves were found chained to the wall close to death. Both male and female victims, some strapped to makeshift operating tables, some were confined in cages made for dogs. There were human body parts scattered around and heads and human organs were placed in buckets all about. “Souvenirs” were stacked on shelves and next to them a collection of whips and paddles. probably the most gruesome scene imaginable.

So bad in fact, fire fighters fled the scene in disgust and doctors were called from a nearby hospital. It is uncertain just how many slaves were found in Madame Lalaurie’s “torture chamber” but most of them were dead. It is said that Madame Lalaurie alone was responsible for the torture and horror and that her husband “looked the other way”.

After the fire Madame LaLaurie was never seen again.There were rumors of them fleeing to France but no proof was ever brought forward.

The house later became a bar and then a furniture store. The bar was called the “Haunted Saloon” and for good reason. The owner knew many of the building’s ghost stories and kept a record of the strange things experienced by it’s patrons. The furniture store did not do as well in the Lalaurie house. When all of the staores merchandise was found ruined on several occasions the owner suspected vandals. He finally waited one night with a shotgun, hoping the vandals would return. When dawn came, the furniture was all ruined again even though no human had entered the building. The store soon closed down.


Today, the house has been renovated and restored and serves as luxury apartments for those who can afford them. I wonder thought if the tenants are aware of the gruesome scenes that once plagued this beautiful historic house.

Savannah Georgia’s most haunted house was built in 1796 by Rhode Islander Hampton Lillibridge.

most haunted

It was one of very few 18th century residences to survive the great fire of 1820. Although designed in obvious New England fashion, complete with widow’s walk, one might think this charming white clapboard home would be better suited on the shores of Cape Cod than the southern port city of Savannah.

After Hampton Lillibridge’s wife passed he remarried and the home was sold. It had gone  through several owners and at one time stood as a rooming house. It was purchased in 1963 by a famous antique dealer Jim Williams. Williams purchased the home with intenetion of restoring it as it has been deteriorating. Tragedy soon befell the endeavor as the home next door that was also being remodeled collapsed killing a workman.

During the time when the house was vacant and being restored, several neighbors witnessed the sound of a woman screaming as well as the image of a man in a black suit standing in the window. One night, when Mr. Williams was away, a neighbor heard the sound of singing coming from the house. Upon investigation, lights were seen in the upstairs window as were the images of people dancing.

Today the Hampton Lillibridge House sits grandly off Washington Square. A beautiful example of 18th century architecture and still considered Savannah Georgia’s most haunted.

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